Funds and Investment Vehicles

Advisora has a large experience in the alternative funds (PERE) and investment vehicles. Working closely with investors and asset managers we offer directorship, accounting, corporate secretarial, consulting, compliance and tax services.

Accounting and Tax Services

Advisoria works with Funds and Investment vehicles to help them complying with Luxembourg accounting and tax requirements, including those associated to Corporate Income Tax, withholding tax, and Value Added Tax (VAT). Thanks to our extensive and practical knowledge of the Luxembourg Funds and Investment Vehicle Environment, we support our clients in every steps of their corporate life; from incorporation to day to day compliance with the legal, accounting and tax requirements and reporting.

Corporate Secretarial Services

As Chartered Accountant, we can offer professional services relating to the establishment, maintenance, and liquidation of your company, such as:

  • Providing a registered address and offices;
  • Providing Mailing handling Services;
  • Support to company incorporation ;
  • Coordinating KYC with relevant parties and opening bank accounts;
  • Maintaining the shareholder register;
  • Coordinating statutory changes with Notary;
  • Ensure on time filing in line with Luxembourg regulation;
  • Providing Directors;
  • Liquidation of the company;
  • Administrating board and shareholders meetings;
  • Maintaining statutory records and corporate file

Consulting and Advisory Services

Advisoria has the experience and has developed a practice to support the experience to support you with reviewing or implementing regulatory, compliance processes. Our services include:

  • Support in transformation management;
  • Improve operational efficiency;
  • Support to implement regulatory changes;
  • Provide part time or full time project manager.
  • Reviewing / implementing AIFMD regulation, on the AIFM, Central administration and Depositary side.
  • Implementing / reviewing governance processes.

Directorship Services

Advisoria can provide you with non executive directors who have already been approved as independent directors in alternative funds.

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